Focus on the Big Picture of Your Affiliate Business

big picture affiliate businessSometimes affiliates can get mired in the day-to-day running of their business. That can mean a daily deluge of posting new creatives, updating offers, adding new content, and engaging and promoting via social media. It can be overwhelming – not to mention time consuming.

It’s often said that in order to move your business forward you need to work ON your business and not IN your business.Sometimes it’s difficult to see the larger picture. Especially when your earnings are the direct result of executing your daily tasks.

Imagine, instead of spending all your time on the day-to-day,  taking a full week to implement efforts that will make you more money. You may sacrifice earnings from a single week. Perhaps a costly choice. But what if that effort produced a 10 to 20% lift in weekly income going forward? Wouldn’t that make working ON your business a worthwhile priority?

Here are some signs that you might be working too much IN your business and not enough ON your business:

1. You’re Not Questioning the Status Quo

If you’re simply moving from activity to activity, or project to project without a plan, that is cause for concern. Growing your business is not just about getting the daily tasks done. You can hire someone to tackle those things. You shouldn’t always be heads down. Instead, you should be asking why are we doing things this way? What would take the business to the next level? How can I improve things? Are there new partners I can work with?

Red Flag: No planning blocks scheduled on your calendar.

2. You’ve Stopped Listening

You’re not seeking input from those working with or for you. You are not soliciting idea, insights or suggested improvements.  It’s never healthy to think or behave as if you have all the answers to every problem. By ignoring outside perspectives you’re missing out on more than information–you’re missing out on building team moral.

Red Flag: Thinking or saying: “This is how we’ve always done things!” is a signal you’re shut down.

3. You’ve Become a Control Freak

It’s your business and you know best what and how to do everything.

Expertise is valuable. Dependency is crippling. If your business can’t operate effectively without you, it’s vulnerable to instability. Doing more (and more) yourself, with higher expectations for better outcomes, adds personal stress–not professional scale.

Red Flag: A profound sense of ‘security’ based on your lengthy To-Do list.

4. You’re Unable to Admit Mistakes

The ability to admit you were wrong is no longer there. Or maybe you’ve become too attached to your ideas. Or maybe a strong sense of perseverance won’t let you stop – even when what you’re doing is unsustainable. In either situation, the result is ultimately the same: the big picture is lost.

Red Flag: You rarely acknowledge wrongdoing — even minor goofs.

5.You’re Just Too Busy

“I just don’t have the time to do anything else!” If that is your daily mantra, you may be in trouble. Additionally, it’s a problem if you’ve started to rationalize NOT taking the time to do other things. This is a clear sign that you have started down a path of potential misfires and bad decisions.

Red Flag: Others frequently tell you: You’re really busy.

If you find that you have experienced one or more of these warning signs recently, do yourself and your business a favor: take a half-day for yourself. Get out of your own way. Spend time away from your office and business. Think about where you want your business to be in the next several months or year. It’s a good time to dust off your business plan and see how close you are to the plan with your current state of affairs.