Meet the Team: Ashley Holyoak

At Chateau 20 we enjoy really getting to know our clients, partners, and affiliates. Actually, we’re pretty obsessed about it. And we’d also like you to know more about us. You have probably talked with a Chateau 20 team member on the phone. You’ve definitely gotten emails from them. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “What is Ashley Holyoak’s pet peeve?” or “Does Ashley have a hidden talent?”  Here’s your chance to find out.

Ashley Holyoak, Chateau 20 Publisher Development Manager,  answers 20 questions

Favorite food to eat: Indian Curry

2.The one dish you cook to impress someone: Chile Rellenos

3 .Go-to karaoke song  Uhhh.. I will sit back and watch 🙂

4. First job you ever had: I was the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese. I quit after two weeks.

5 .Biggest pet peeve: People chomping!

6. Hidden talent: When I was younger I used to replicate characters from VHS movie covers.

7. Proudest accomplishment: My husband and I recently patented our first product!

8. Most cherished possession: My family

9. When it comes to social gatherings – is your preference to be the party thrower or the party goer?: I love the thought of having people over and entertaining, but don’t want to clean the mess. So, I usually opt to be the party-goer.

10. Your biggest fear: Circumstances I can’t improve or change.

11.Three words your friends would use to describe you: Positive, supportive, and driven

12. Your quirkiest habit: I love smelling soap containers – dish soap, laundry soap. It’s a problem.

13. Band or musical act you’ve seen at least 3 times: I don’t get out very often, but I did get to see Danny Gans perform 3 times before he passed. He was a great performer!

14. Dogs or cats?: Dogs! Especially small ones!

15. A book you love and have gifted to several friends: I haven’t gifted any books, but my favorite are personal and spiritual growth books.

16. Describe your personal style/look: Somewhat trendy, but also comfortable.

17. Your perfect Sunday: Disconnecting from technology and enjoying time with my family.

18. Your celebrity crush: I don’t really have any, but I used to be way into Scott Stapp, who was the lead singer of Creed.

19. Your first car: Toyota Corolla

20: What are you passionate about?: Finding happiness and enjoyment in everything I do.

Want to know more about Ashely’s professional background? Check out her LinkedIn profile.