The Recipe for Affiliate Success

Recipe for affiliate success

Ever try and duplicate your favorite dish? Your mom gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make her famous apple pie. You find the recipe for the ultimate roasted chicken from your beloved local bistro. But when the cooking is done your creation just doesn’t taste like the original.

Or maybe you’ve tried to replicate one of the many beautiful creations on Pinterest. We’ve all seen the Pinterest fails.

So what went wrong? You used the same ingredients or products, measured with precision, and followed the directions to the letter.

Affiliate marketing can often feel like one of those cooking or DIY creative efforts. You follow all the best practices information, take the advice of experts, and try to duplicate what has been successful for others in the past. Yet you’re not immediately achieving the level of results you expected.

Getting Tactical

That doesn’t mean that using proven tips, tricks and techniques won’t yield results. Instead it means that following any single step for one part of your affiliate business doesn’t guarantee overall success.

For example, you can do everything right when it comes to creating the most effective landing pages that result in higher conversions. However, if you’re not driving traffic to those pages through a variety of methods – retargeting, social media, emails, etc. – you’ve only dealt with one part of a complicated, intertwined process.

Like any business, there are some universal guidelines and foundations that need to be in place for affiliate marketing success. But You need to tailor the tactical execution to your specific business. And there are  myriad of factors that need to be considered including the size of your business, your target demographic, the types of offers you are promoting, the type of affiliate your are (reviews, content, coupons, etc), your revenue model, the current market conditions, and evolving consumer behavior, and more.

According to Leigh Watson Healy, Chief Analyst at market research firm Outsell, it’s all about tactical execution when it comes to driving business growth. Having focus, gaining market share, building trust, innovating organically, and execution against best practices and benchmark norms are necessary.

Adding Your Unique Spice

Best practices are best practices for a reason. They work. They are professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective. And while following them provides a proven way to achieve goal, don’t discount the effectiveness of adapting them to fit your unique business.

Like a chef, putting your unique twist on things, can create a compelling creation that reflects your individuality and differentiates you from the competition. Any restaurant can have a mac & cheese dish on their menu. And for the most part they all use the same ingredients and techniques. But the one that adds bacon and then deep fries it into bite sizes morsels, has immediately set themselves apart.

The bottom line is that achieving success in affiliate marketing requires a holistic tactical approach. In the end, it’s hard to follow an exact recipe for success. Instead, is about adapting, innovating, evolving while using best practices as the foundation to build a successful affiliate business.