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Chateau20’s ASW18 Session Recommendations for Affiliates

ASW18 affiliate summit

It’s that time of year when the performance marketing industry gathers in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West.

It’s always great to attend the largest conference for our industry. But it’s even better when our beloved city hosts and has a chance to shine. Of course there’s world-class dining and entertainment in Vegas. But there’s also more than 100 speakers, over 70 educational sessions, and 300 exhibitors at ASW18.

That’s a lot of educational information, networking, and business opportunities packed into three days. For affiliates there are a lot of sessions to help you earn more, spot trends, and elevate your business. Some sessions overlap. We know you can’t be everywhere at once, but here are some great choices.

Sunday, January 7th

Million Dollar Blog Empires: Ask the Experts @1:00pm Discover what it takes to create a successful and profitable brand and blog in 2018. Ask industry experts and veterans how they built their multi-million dollar empires in this open Q&A session. Jeremy Shoemaker, John Chow, Syed Balkhi

Using Analytics to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing @1:00pm Affiliates and Merchants will discover how to gain valuable actionable insights in analytics. We will cover best practices, most important metrics to use, and how to use this information for success. Carolyn Kmet, Karen Garcia, Lessie Purpera

Live SEO & Monetization Site Reviews with Experts @2:30pm Want to know why your site doesn’t rank or how to get more traffic? Maybe you’re looking to monetize it. This session will review your site live and help you grow your business. Adam Reimer, Brian LaFrance, Carolyn Shelby, Scott Polk

CRO For Paid & Organic Traffic: Live Site Review @2:30pm How’s your conversion rate? Have your site and landing pages audited live to see what conversion rate optimizations you might be leaving on the table for your paid and/or organic traffic. Kenny Hyder, Tony Wright

Monday, January 8th

Quit Losing Money on Your Blog @10am 5 things you can change TODAY. Maximize your revenue without creating any new content or even generating more traffic. Get smart about making more money with what you already have. Tricia Meyer

Affiliate SEO in 2018: What’s Important and What’s Not @10:45am As an affiliate, you don’t have to chase every latest SEO trend. There’s bare SEO minimum – relevant for 2018 – to keep your website in good shape and get ahead of your competitors in SERPs. Aleh Barysevich

Mobile & Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know @2pm As mobile technology continues to advance the lines between mobile and affiliate marketing are becoming even more blurred. Learn what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. Victoria Collins

Automating Adwords: Beating the Competition in Your Sleep @4:15pm How affiliates can build systems using up-to-date SEM automation tech. This will include a demo of affiliate-to-Adwords conversion tracking to create automated ROI-based keyword bidding SEM campaigns. Chet Hall

7 Ways to Help Amplify Your Organix Content Reach @4:15pm Do more than just boost your vanity numbers. Get tools and strategies to amplify your reach to get your content in front of more people. Michelle Held

The Rising Liability of Affiliates in the Online Industries @4:15pm Affiliates have been caught in the storm recently. Regulators start paying attention to them. The days of benefits without risks are gone. This session explains why this happened and how to tackle it.  Maayan M. Dana-Nir, Tal Itzhak Ron

Tuesday, January 9th

How Amazon Affects Affiliate and Online Sales @10am A  look at ways to work with Amazon which enhance brand awareness, increase online sales and help affiliates be more effective. Paul Schroader

7 Tips for Getting Advertisers to Throw Money at You @10:45am How do you become your advertiser’s one true love? How can you become so vital to their marketing mix that they will pay you whatever you want? This session will cover give you everything you need. Chris Whitling

Affiliate Must-Knows: Secrets to Tracking @2pm It’s getting more and more essential to have the right tools in order to maximize your revenue. This session focuses on how you can track multiple types of campaigns, and how new tools can help you! John Cody

Morning Routines, Mindfulness and Making Money @2pm I’ll show how a morning routine creates a platform for a productive day, how mindfulness can help you make better decisions, how motivation is BS and what really works, and resources to help. Mike Buechele

How to Generate Leads and Build Your Brand with Instagram @2pm In this session I will analyze my own personal Instagram account as a case study and how my team and I grew it organically and the opportunities and business that have resulted from it. Carolina Millan

The full agenda can be found here.

Connect with Chateau 20

Additionally, since Chateau 20 is based in Las Vegas, our team will be at ASW18. If you’d like to meet with any team members, contact them directly and schedule a time to connect.

  • Karen White, Founder and CEO (kwhite at chateau20.com)
  • Brandie Feuer, Director of Strategy (bfeuer at chateau20.com)
  • Lisa Riolo, VP of Operations and Special Projects (lriolo at chateau20.com)
  • Chris Park, Partner Relationship Manager (cpark at chateau20.com)
  • Tiffany Ponds-Kimbro, Publisher Development Manager  (tpondskimbro at chateau20.com)
  • Aaron Yeh, Digital Media Manager  (ayeh at chateau20.com)
  • Ashley Holyoak, Publisher Development Manager  (aholyoak at chateau20.com)