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Get Started Promoting New Affiliate Programs – Part 1

started with new affiliate programsYou know that feeling of excitement when you first sign up for an affiliate program? There are thoughts of “I bet I could make a lot of money with this one”. But then you get distracted. You get in the weeds with day-to-day tasks – social media, adding offers for other programs, writing blog posts, etc. The list goes on and on.

Chances are that if you didn’t start promoting offers from that new program immediately, you’re going to keep putting off. Eventually, you might just forget you even signed up.

So, here are some simple ways to get productive with a new program immediately – even if you feel like you have some hurdles.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t think of joining a new program as more work for you. Instead, remember that for every day you’re not promoting that program, you’re leaving money on the table. So, if you feel your time is worth $15 or $25 or $50 an hour and you spend 4 hours working on getting started, you may have spent up to $200 worth of effort. However, if that effort yields an additional $200 a month, it more than paid for your initial time.

Don’t Procrastinate

It’s human nature to put things off. We get it, you’re busy. But even if you just start with baby steps, it’s better than nothing. Just put up the links. Build the landing page. Write a blog post. Promote the program in your newsletter. Also, once you do something (anything, really) you’re more apt to continue. It’s kind of like changing eating habits. It’s always a big effort at first, but once you start to see results, there’s more motivation to keep going. And earning commissions should be the ultimate motivation for your affiliate business.

Look at What Others are Doing

Maybe you signed up for program on a whim. The opportunity was there right in front of you  and you just figured what the heck. But now you’re not even sure what is the most effective way to promote this program. Or maybe you just can’t think of an appropriate blog post, if you’re content affiliate. There’s no harm in checking out what other affiliates are doing. It’s easy enough to do a search for the merchant and see what is ranking. You can then see if there are affiliate links on any of those page. Spend some time perusing affiliate sites and see how they’ve promoted the offers. We’re not advocating you copy from other affiliates, but rather look to them for inspiration. Then you can put your own twist on things.

Don’t Ignore Communications

Your inbox is bursting at the virtual seams. But don’t ignore the communications from the affiliate manager. Most affiliate managers try to be respectful of your time and if they sent you an email, there’s worthwhile information or offers included. The same goes for the regular newsletter communications. Be sure to read them to make sure you’re not missing out on a valuable promotional opportunity that will make you money. Often these communications will also include quick tips and ideas that can help you get started.

Ask for Help

Affiliate program managers want you to succeed. So, if there’s something you need (additional creative, more details about the best methods for promotion, specific target demographic info) speak up! Shoot an email. Pick up the phone. A good affiliate manager is eager to help you. They are immersed in the program and should have educational materials, ideas, and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Ashley Holyoak, Chateau 20’s Publisher Development Manager, suggests asking your affiliate manager for the best-converting creative. They’ll be thrilled to send it to you.

The important thing is simply to get started. However, once you’ve decided to put forth some effort to begin promoting a program, you’ll need a plan for making the most of the opportunity.

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