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Holiday Shopping Online was Huge

online holiday shopping

If you’re a data junkie, you can rejoice at the glut of numbers that have come out over the last week. Market researchers have been tracking all things related to consumers online holiday shopping. Here’s everything you need to know about the results from online shopping for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Spoiler Alert: Mobile was a big deal!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

  • Affiliate network sales from Black Friday were up 38% compared to the same day last year. (CJ Affiliate Network)
  • Across the board, consumers demonstrated a higher propensity to spend. The average order value for Thanksgiving came in at $180 — up $24 more than the average day for the month. (Criteo)
  • On Black Friday the number of online shoppers rose 3.5% compared with last year, and the number of purchases rose 12.5%.(Criteo)
  • About 115 million people visited online retail sites on Thanksgiving. (comScore)
  • Nearly 129 million people visited online retail sites on Black Friday, up 14% compared with last year. (comScore)
  • The average order value on Thanksgiving and Black Friday roseto $122, up from $120 in 2016. (Salesforce)
  • Email and ad engagement rates leaped in the week before Black Friday There was a 23% hike in sales on Thursday and Friday, compared with the prior year. (Rakuten Marketing)
  • Sales grew by 21% during the three-day period from Wednesday to Black Friday. (Rakuten Marketing)
  • There was an11% growth in purchases from Wednesday to Black Friday. (Rakuten Marketing)
  • Click-through rates rose by 154% and ad engagement rates by 111 % during the three-day period. (Rakuten Marketing)
  • Black Friday’s average order value jumped by 9%. The peak purchase time occurred at 2 p.m. on Black Friday. (Rakuten Marketing)
  • Thanksgiving Day purchases grew by 35%, and revenue grew by 28%. (Rakuten Marketing)

Mobile Led Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

  • 56% of total online Black Friday traffic came from mobile devices, up from 43.4% last year. (Qubit)
  • 40% of transactions were completed on mobile devices on Thanksgiving Day. (Criteo)
  • Mobile revenue grew by 45%, purchases by 34% and average order value by 7% during Sunday to Friday of Thanksgiving week. (Rakuten Marketing).
  • Forty-six percent of all page views occurred on a mobile device during the week. (Rakuten)
  • 66% of orders made with a phone or tablet — up from 58% in 2016 (Shopify)
  • Mobile set a new record during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, representing 53.3% of visits — about 44.6% attributable to smartphones and 8.7% to tablets. (Adobe)
  • Mobile drove 39.7% of revenue — 29.8% from smartphones and 9.9% from tablets. Smartphone traffic specifically grew 21% year-on-year (YoY), while revenue coming from smartphones saw 41% growth YoY — a new record. (Adobe)
  • Purchases from mobile devices on Thanksgiving Day, and spending peaked online at 9pm EST, with 46% of all purchases occurring on mobile phones. (Criteo)

Cyber Monday

  • Shoppers spent $6.59 billion online on Cyber Monday compared with $5.65 billion last year, a 16.8% increase, making Cyber Monday the biggest U.S. online sales day. (Adobe)
  • Shoppers spent an average of $114.10 on Cyber Monday, up 7.4% from $106.24 last year. (BigCommerce)
  • Cyber Monday had 2.3 times (127.1%) more online shoppers than the average day in 2017, with 7.5 times (655.3%) more orders placed. (Qubit)

Mobile (Cyber) Monday

  • Revenue generated by smartphones accounted for 21.2%, or $1.40 billion, of online sales on Cyber Monday—also a record. (Adobe)
  • Mobile sales, which includes smartphones and tablets, generated $2.0 billion in sales, or 30.3% of overall revenue, and 47.4% of total traffic. (Adobe)